A Church That Feels Like
A Family.

A family united in faith,
A people who live for God every day,
Bound by love and shared beliefs,
Striving together in His name,
Living His word in every way.

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Our Mission:

Connecting People to God and their Life’s Purpose.




Make A

Our 4-Fold Christian Journey:

  • Our Sunday worship experience is designed for people at all stages of life. Come as you are, and fully engage in the worship. Be expectant, enjoy the worship and prayers. Open your heart and pay attention to the sermon, absorbing its teachings and reflections. Be consistent in attending our weekly Bible study and life group meetings, where deeper understanding and community support await. Allow the Spirit of God to work within you, guiding and transforming your heart. It's a journey of faith and discovery. Stay committed, be patient, and trust the process. In time, you will come to know God personally and profoundly.
  • Find freedom in making connections with people, communities, and activities. At Overcomers Christian Fellowship, we call these connections Life Enrichment Groups, or Life Groups. While the larger church may not know you personally, your Life Group will. Enjoy life by sharing it with like-minded people who support and uplift you. Together, you will grow in faith and friendship. It is a journey filled with joy and fun. Embrace the sense of belonging and purpose that comes from being part of a community. Let your Life Group be a source of encouragement and strength.
  • Growth Track at Overcomers Christian Fellowship is designed to guide you through three enriching units. In 101 - Discover OCF, you'll be introduced to our church, understanding how our system works and what it means to be a member. Unit 102 - Discover Your Design, involves taking various personality tests to gain insight into why you do what you do. This self-awareness is key to personal and spiritual growth. Finally, Unit 103 prepares you to join a team that aligns with your unique personality and strengths. Through Growth Track, you'll find your place in our community, equipped and ready to contribute meaningfully. Join us and embark on a journey of discovery and purpose.
  • Make a difference by joining a team at Overcomers Christian Fellowship. There is a place for everyone, regardless of your skills or experience. Various teams work together to make things happen, ensuring our community thrives. By joining, you can contribute to improving what already exists and help create new initiatives. Your involvement makes a tangible impact, enhancing the experience for everyone. It's an opportunity to use your talents for a greater purpose and build meaningful relationships. Together, we can achieve more and make a lasting difference. Join a team today and be part of something bigger.

9 Reasons You Should Check Us Out!

“So you are not foreigners or guests, but rather you are the children of the city of holy ones, with all the rights as family members of the household of God.”

Ephesians 2:19 (TPT)

Spirit-filled, practical and inspiring messages.

Friendly and caring people- feels like family

Kids love our children’s church.

Amazing worship, it won’t put you to sleep.

Fun and exciting ministry for your teens.

A place to connect and make new friends.

No worries about parking, we’ve got plenty room.

Over 18 countries represented at OCF, meet others like you. 

You never knew church could be this much fun.

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Featured Ministries

Different teams within the church ministry play crucial roles in ensuring its effective functioning. From worship and outreach teams to administrative and pastoral care teams, each contributes uniquely to the spiritual and operational aspects of the church. Joining these teams allows individuals to actively participate and improve the ministry’s impact within the community. Embracing diversity and collaboration among these teams fosters a more inclusive and dynamic church environment.

Life Groups

We do life together in small groups- Life Enrichment Groups. Sign Up today.


SMASH kids is our Childrens church. It is designed to carter for all kids to learn about Jesus.


Are you interested in getting baptised by immersion? Register today.


Our ever vibrant teens church is called NEXT Gen. They have their own services. 


Evangelistic outreach teams take message to the streets of Georgia and beyond.


Learn with like-minded believers on how to discipled from the Bible. Sign up.

Get Involved

Maximize this opportunity to serve at Overcomers Christian Fellowship by clicking the link below to get involved, sign up and make a meaningful impact in our community.

Daily Prayer Call

6 AM -7AM
Prayer is our hallmark. We believe that nothing just happens,
everything must be prayed out.

Friday Night Prayer

7 PM - 8 PM EST

Meeting ID
829 6954 3076

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Pastor Benny Momoh


July 7, 2024 10:30 am
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Look At God! 


At OCF, we are bold about God. We invite you to share your testimony of God’s goodness—how He has shown His love and faithfulness in your life. Your story can inspire and uplift others, while glorifying God for His wonderful works.

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