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We believe life change happens in the context of relationships.  Life Groups have one simple purpose: to bring people together. God created us to live in community with others, and it is only then that we can experience the full life He intends for us.

One of the greatest discoveries at Overcomers over the past years has been the IMPACT of Small Groups - Helping people Grow. The discovery is the same in every growing church. Absolutely and 100% of the time, SMALL GROUPS, which we call LIFE GROUPS at Overcomers Christian Fellowship, is the way to go if you want a Healthy, Thriving, and Growing Church.

Why? Because our Life Groups address the needs of people and builds them up. We have several Life Groups that address different interest, needs, ages, etc. We have different meeting times via Zoom and some in person groups.

The next Life Group starts in February 2023. Here are a small list of Benefits you will receive when you become a part of Life Groups

May 2023 - Life Groups and Leaders

Most Classes will be held during the week at 7 Pm​

1. The Cost of Control (Thurs. In-Person)Sis LaDawn & Sis Nicole 

 2. Winning the War in Your Mind (Tues.-In-Person)Sis. Tewana 

3. The Blood of Jesus (Sat. In-Person 12 pm-2 pm)Sis Nazzelena 

4. New Life in Christ – Know The Real You (Wed. In-Person)   Sis. Denise & Sis. Tewana 
5. The Shepherd’s Heart (Wed. Zoom) – Min. Joyce & Sis Simone 

6. The Art of Parenting (Wed.In-Person)Pastor Benny  Momoh 

7. Who Am I in Christ  (Wed. In-Person) – Sis Inez & Mother Evans

8. Master Life (Disciples Cross) (Thurs. – Zoom) – Min. Dawn & Sis Marvet

9. Fighting My Battles  (Wed. – Zoom) Sis. Stella, Sis. Sandra, Sis Desann 

10. Women’s Empowerment for Entrepreneurs -Wed: In-Person – Sis Shola

11. Men’s Group -The Lord’s Prayer – The Pattern (Sat. In-Person 12 pm-2 pm)  Bro. George & Bro. Marten

12. Fit for Life (Thurs. – Bldg B)_Min. Dena & Sis Elizabeth

13. God’s Unbreakable Promises (Mon. – Zoom) Sis Keisha/Sam

14. Identity (Thurs. –  Zoom) Min. Michelle & Sis Nina

15. Pray for Your Adult Children (Wed. – Zoom) Min. Linnetta

16. Young Adults 19-25 by Sis Gabby 

17. TEENS – Bro. Charlie 

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My Life Group is great. I have grown in my knowledge of God. My Life Group is Now my family and I don’t want to be without them. I don’t ever want the semester to end. I can’t wait to start again.

Adria A.

Because of Life Groups my leadership skills have been enhanced. My purpose and my calling has become more clear.

Dena R.
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