You can now sign up for our E-Version of our Life Enrichment Group (L.E.G.) via ZOOM.  The start date is Wednesday October 13, 2021 at 7:00PM.  It is a 8 week semester end. Please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by our L.E.G. team with the Zoom Credentials.

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Most classes will be held every Wednesday at 7:00PM

Life Groups and Leaders – October 2021

1. God’s Unbreakable Promises – Stella & Sandra

God’s Unbreakable Promises: By Jeanie Allen.
In this study, we get to learn through the bible, 5 reasons God never fails; Most of us have experienced some form of hardship, deceits or have been on the receiving end of broken promises but in this study we get to learn about the promises and covenants God made with his people and the big picture of his unfailing LOVE for us.

In this study, we will discover the story of God through the bible and what it means for us Now.
We will get to discover and get to understand that God never fails, he always keeps his promises, and by the end of the study, we get to be elevated in our trust and faith walk having now this blessed assurance of God’s unbreakable promises to us.


2. Finding Balance in Your Marriage – Charlie & Aliyah

If you have ever rode in a car with unbalanced tires, you can now appreciate a smooth balance ride. A ride with out noise and turbulence.

This life group will provide couples with a platform to share experiences and testimonies about relationships, parenting, serving in ministry, playing different roles, working and more; while maintaining a smooth ride- balance!

For the next quarter we will define both balance and Imbalance. We will share wisdom on how to over come Imbalance! We will discuss the effects of imbalance and the rewards of balance!
If you are looking for a smooth ride and ready to find balance, join Brother Charlie and sister Aliyah for the up coming quarter!


3. Destiny, Divorce, and Divine Direction – Shalane, Monique, Toni, and Carol

Overcoming Divorce by looking to Jesus. In this class we will explore Forgiveness, peace, grief and the Narcissistic personality. This group is intended for those looking to move forward past the pain of divorce.


4. God will Heal the Broken Hearted – Inez & Mother Evans

Our class is design as a forum for those who are dealing with grief in one form or another. We do not profess to hold any clinical or professional degrees in the subject but through grief material, professional counsel and scripture we have overcome by the word of our testimonies. We openly share what God has done for Us.


5. PULSE (Millennial Ministry) – Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis – Maenne

Have you ever wanted to know how did we get here? In this semester, we will be watching a 6 part video series on Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis.

We will be exploring some powerful conversations with Creation scientists as they compare creation to evolution. We will study in depth what Genesis says about the beginning. After completing this course, participants will know God is the Creator of the universe. Participants will have a closer connection to God as we explore His earliest interactions with mankind.

Finally, participants will have Bible verses to stand on as truths to navigate through life in the present. Get ready for an amazing semester as we all continue to connect to our life’s purpose by getting connected to God!


6. DIY Project (Do it Yourself) – Delethia Foxx

Psalm 139:14 (Amp) says, “I will give thanks and praise to you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.”

The benefits of joining my life group will teach you:

  • How to work with your hands doing small projects around the house.
    • Such as repurposing furniture, sanding and staining wood projects, hanging pictures properly and how to make a bench for your patio.
  • What to do when you have an issue with water leaks.

While doing all of the projects, we fellowship and remember that Jesus was more than a Carpenter.


7. Fullness of Joy – How our Brain Works to have JOY and the Mind of Christ – Min. Joyce & Simone

At the end of this class, the participant will understand:

1. What is true Joy and the fullness of joy
2. How to have joy in spite of any circumstances
3. Joy as the inheritance of the believers
4. How we are wired to have God’s Joy and the mind of Christ
5. How our brain and mind helps us in our spiritual practices and faith.

This will be a revolutionary breakthrough in faith and walk with God


8. Raising Kingdom Kids – Keisha and Sam

Kingdom parenting involves international overseeing the generational transfer of the faith in such a way that children learn to consistently live all of life under God’s Devine Authority.

Today’s children are distracted from by what they learn, hear, and see daily by us or by social media. Growing your children to have a Godly mindset will teach them how to Kingdom kids living for God in his way.


9. Teens Ministry – Corey & Sandra

Mental Health. How to notice, understand, and cope with it. Depression is on going; in addition, how it applies to the church and how to address it.


10. Threshold – Robert

Praise & Worship Leaders



11. Celebrate Recovery – Nicole



12. Warrior Women – Jeanella



13. A Football Life: God, Family, Football – Tiger

In this group, we will gather together to feed our enthusiasm and hunger for the greatest sport created by God. Each week, we’ll have a recap of all the games played; Thursday Night Football all the way to Monday Night Football.
Football Enthusiasts can share their favorite plays of the Week.
And we will also discuss & debrief Fantasy Football strategies and takes.

God gave us this wonderful life, with a loving family, and graced us with the best sport in the world to draw us all together! Amen!