One of the greatest discoveries at Overcomers over the past years has been the IMPACT of Small Groups – Helping people grow.

The discovery is the same in every growing church. 100% of the time, Small Groups, which we call LIFE GROUPS at Overcomers Christian Fellowship, is the way to go if you want a healthy, thriving, and growing church.

Why? Because our life groups address the needs of people and builds them up. We have several life groups that address different interest, needs, ages, etc. We have different meeting times via Zoom, hybrid and in person.

May 2024 - Life Groups and Leaders

Most Classes will be held during the week at 7 Pm​
We have 10 Life Groups this season. Each group has picked out their Unique Topic as follows;

Group 1: Let’s Travel –
Sis Delethia – Saturdays 12:00 Noon (In-Person)

Group 2: 7 Ways to Hear from God When He Seems Silent –
Sis Inez/ Mother Evans – Wednesdays (Hybrid) 7:00pm

Group 3: Being Made Whole –
Min. Linnetta / Sis Natalia - Wednesdays ZOOM 7:00pm

Group 4: My New And Good Life In Christ –
Pastor Denise / Sis Tewana – Wednesdays In-Person 7:00pm

Group 5: The Spiritual Man Vol. 1 –
Pastor Brinson/Pastor Denise/ Sis Tewana – Tuesdays In-Person 6:30pm

Group 6: Kingdom Prayer Warriors –
Sis Gabriella /Min. Stella /Min. Sandra A. Wednesdays 7:00pm Hybrid

Group 7: Radicals for Christ, Living Totally for Him and His Kingdom –
Min. Joyce/ Pastor Dawn/Pastor Sharon - Wednesdays 7:00pm ZOOM

Group 8: The Spiritual Man Vol. 2 –
Pastor Brinson /Sis Nkeiruku/ Sis Nazzelena – Thursdays In-Person 7:00pm

Group 9: 7 Rings of Marriage –
Bro. Charlie and Sis. Aliyah – Wednesdays 7:00pm ZOOM

Group 10: Powerful Financial Biblical Principles -
Bro. George - Wednesdays 7:00pm - In-Person

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