You can now sign up for our E-Version of our Life Enrichment Group (L.E.G.) via ZOOM.  The start date is Wednesday September 9, 2020 at 7:00PM.  Please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by our L.E.G. team with the Zoom Credentials.

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LEG Class Description

Facilitators: Min Linnetta  Franklin and Sis. Janella Pollock

Name of Class: Kingdom Essentials

Our goal is to rethink how we respond to events and situations by asking ourselves.  Does my response edify Christ? Is it essential to the Kingdom of God? WWJD 


Facilitator: Delethia Foxx

Name of Class: Psalms 23

Psalms 23 is a familiar passage that is POWER PACKED! Join us as we dig deep into the message David relayed in these verses of scripture.  We will take a in depth look at the meanings of being a shepherd and being sheep. This will open our eyes to new levels of trust in God! You don’t want to miss it!!

Facilitator: Denise Abedesin

Name of Class: Your New Life – Christ in You

You are either a new Christian, or you have been one for years and have never discovered or tapped into the Powerful and Exciting Life in Christ that you posses. Christ lives in you, and in this Class you will come to know who you are in Christ, the Holy Spirit, God’s Plan for your life, and help others find this Good Life in Christ. Join us today.


Facilitator: Pastor Benny Momoh

Name of Class: The Qualities of a Godly Leader

Are leaders born or are they made? How do you increase your influence as a leader? Do you consider yourself as a leader and if not why? How can you become a better leader? Discover the answers to these questions and more in our fall life group as we study THE INDISPENSABLE QUALITIES OF A GODLY LEADER.


Facilitators: Pastor Edith & Sis. Jasmin

Name of Class: How to Pray Effectively

Do you long to pray but don’t know how or where to start?
Are there areas in your life you desire to see changes in?
This life group is designed with you in mind. This semester, our discussion will focus on “what is prayer? Why do we pray? What happens when we pray? What is the prayer of faith and intercession? Your prayer life will definitely go to a whole different level as we study together.

Facilitators: Min. Corey & Min. Sandra Anderson & Deacon Ebenezer

Name of Class: Teens  – Decisions and Control

Teenagers are constantly advised toward one extreme after another. Parents and teachers are pushing them toward maturity and responsibility, while friends are usually suggesting conformity to peers and pursuing that which will bring the most immediate pleasure. The image portrayed by many musicians, actors, and athletes glorify sex, drugs and untamed selfishness. With all of these conflicting views, how does a Christian teenager decide how to live? 

In this study, we want to encourage teenagers to make every decision out of a worldview shaped by God’s Word and centered around our Savior, Jesus, and abandon the idea that choices made in youth are temporary and meaningless, instead encourage them to make decisions now that will impact both their lives and God’s Kingdom for eternity.