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One of the greatest discoveries at Overcomers over the past years has been the IMPACT of Small Groups – Helping people grow.

The discovery is the same in every growing church. 100% of the time, Small Groups, which we call LIFE GROUPS at Overcomers Christian Fellowship, is the way to go if you want a healthy, thriving, and growing church.

Why? Because our life groups address the needs of people and builds them up. We have several life groups that address different interest, needs, ages, etc. We have different meeting times via Zoom, hybrid and in person.

February 2024 - Life Groups and Leaders

Most Classes will be held during the week at 7 Pm​

Title: God Provides


Six Epic Short Films… One Timeless Message

Throughout history, people have wrestled with the concept of trusting God to meet their needs versus relying on their own efforts, other people, money, or other things society has to offer.

Thankfully, through stirring accounts and parables found in the Bible, God reveals how He wants to be our Provider above anything else. These relevant stories present us wisdom, truth, encouragement and practical steps we can take to develop and deepen a relationship of trust with the God of the universe.

The God Provides Learning Experience offers a rich, dramatic journey through six theater-quality, epic short films and printed Companion Guide that can be used for individual or group study in a variety of ways—homes, businesses, churches, academic institutions, and more.

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